Morgette and the Alaskan Bandit

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Morgette and the Alaskan Bandit

Morgette and the Alaskan Bandit

By: G.G. Boyer

genre: Fiction - Western
publication date:09/26/2013
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Dolf Morgette wasn’t expecting anything important to happen to him while he and his wife made their way to Juneau via ship. But one day on deck he met Hubie Smith, a greenhorn ready to make his fortune panning gold, and Dolf’s life took a decidedly dangerous turn. Hubie’s brother Goldie ran the largest saloon in Juneau; Goldie’s partner was a mysterious, cold-hearted woman named Nilda Carlson…and Dolf will have reason to suspect all of them when three hired killers show up in town, determined to get him out of the way—fast. Who hired the gunmen, and why are they so eager for Dolf to be dead? Dolf will have to find out soon if he wants to stay alive—but time’s running out.