Biographer, The

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Biographer, The

Biographer, The

By: Virginia Duigan

audio performed by: Julie Nihill
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:12/01/2015
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When Greer Gordon met Mischa Svoboda, a driven Czech-born refugee painter, he was unknown. His debut at the small art gallery where she worked created a sensation, and their explosive love affair caused Greer to abandon her husband and career and embark on a nomadic life with Mischa.

Twenty-five years later, Tony, a young art critic who is researching a biography of Mischa, arrives in the small Italian hilltop community where Greer and Mischa now live. Greer is consumed by anxiety, fearing the biographer may have unearthed the secret she had always intended to write out of her life story. A gripping cat-and-mouse game plays out, and with it the growing suspicion that Tony may be manipulating a dramatic outcome on which to build his career.

Beautifully narrated, Virginia Duigan's intimate and enthralling portrait of the relationship between an artist and his lover will have listeners examining how their own biographies might be written, for who amongst us truly has nothing to hide?