Long Ago, Far Away

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Long Ago, Far Away

Long Ago, Far Away

By: Murray Leinster

audio performed by: Jim Roberts
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:04/21/2015


An earth tremor is noted by all the scientific stations in Antarctica, and an American crew come upon what appears to be a crashed spaceship and four children.

International tensions mount as word of the alien invasion tears across the planet. The children are swiftly hidden at a secret military base. As top brass learn more about what the children can do—and what America can gain from their powers—fear of the children sweeps the globe.

But it is the real reason the children have come that sets everyone on their trail. When one escapes from the military base, will he be found before he can complete his mission and disaster strikes?

Long Ago, Far Away is a fabulous science fiction story with a satisfying conclusion.