Pleasure of Eliza Lynch, The

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Pleasure of Eliza Lynch, The

Pleasure of Eliza Lynch, The

By: Anne Enright

audio performed by: Alison McKenna
genre: Literary Fiction - Literary Fiction
publication date:11/12/2019


Beautiful Irishwoman Eliza Lynch became briefly, in the 1860s, the richest woman in the world. 

The book opens in Paris with Eliza in bed with Francisco Solano Lopez - heir to the untold wealth of Paraguay. The fruit of their congress will be extraordinary and will send her across the Atlantic on the regal voyage to claim her glorious future in Asunción.  

With the lavish imaginative richness of Márquez and the crazed panoramic sweep of Herzog's Fitzcarraldo, The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch is a bold and brilliantly achieved novel about sex, beauty and corruption at the end of the old world.