Pale Kings

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Pale Kings

Pale Kings

By: Micah Yongo

series:Lost Gods #2
audio performed by: Edward Rowe
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:11/12/2019


When the gods return to claim their world, the Five Lands will fall, in this earth-shaking epic fantasy thriller from the author of Lost Gods

For centuries the Five Lands have been at peace, but now a nameless enemy is tearing apart their borders. When a young assassin, Neythan, is summoned to Súnam, he expects to help uncover the enemy, but is instead confronted with secrets from his forgotten childhood, all somehow linked to the ancient scroll he has always carried. As the invasion continues, and the supernatural forces responsible are unveiled, Neythan must learn the truth about the power that lies in his blood...before it is too late.