Sakina's Restaurant

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Sakina's Restaurant

Sakina's Restaurant

By: Aasif Mandvi

audio performed by: Aasif Mandvi
genre: Biography - Nonfiction/Memoir
publication date:01/14/2020


Sakina's Restaurant breathes new life into an age old story: the emotive tale of an immigrant coming to New York in pursuit of the American dream. 

Actor, comedian, and writer Aasif Mandvi originally performed his Obie Award-winning solo show off-Broadway 20 years ago. This past October, the iconic play was reimagined and produced by Audible for a limited run at Minetta Lane Theatre in the West Village of Manhattan. 

Recorded for an Audible-exclusive audience, listeners can forgo the price of admission and embark on the cross-cultural journey with Mandvi. Listen in as he seamlessly transitions from character to character, impersonating a teenage girl as she grapples with coming of age in New York under the roof of traditional Indian parents, and an older male restauranteur clinging to his heritage with the same remarkable ease. 

Entertaining and intimate, this story of what it means to be an American was written long before immigration became an intensely polarizing issue. Today, it's revival feels necessary if not urgent, and certainly as honest and refreshing as ever. 

Written and performed by Aasif Mandvi. 

Directed by Kimberly Senior. 

Originally directed and developed by Kimberly Hughes.