Target Zero

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Target Zero

Target Zero

A Kent Steele Thriller

By: Jack Mars

series:Kent Steele #2
audio performed by: Edoardo Ballerini
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:12/03/2019
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In this follow up to book Agent Zero in the Kent Steele spy series, Target Zero takes us on another wild, action-packed ride across Europe as elite CIA agent Kent Steele is summoned to stop a biological weapon before it devastates the world - all while grappling with his own memory loss.

Life returns only fleetingly back to normal for Kent before he finds himself summoned by the CIA to hunt down terrorists and stop another international crisis - this one even more potentially devastating than the last. Yet with an assassin hunting him down, a conspiracy within, moles all around him and with a lover he can barely trust, Kent is set up to fail. 

Yet his memory is quickly returning, and with it, flashes into the secrets of who he was, what he'd discovered - and why they are after him. His own identity, he realizes, may be the most perilous secret of all.