Confident Leader!

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Confident Leader!

Confident Leader!

How to Overcome Self-doubt, Influence Others, and Make Your Leadership Dreams Come True

By: Dan Reiland

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genre: Faith Based - Religion
publication date:04/21/2020
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In the face of a rapidly changing culture, consistent leadership confidence is not easy to possess or practice. New practical disciplines are needed that if embraced and followed produce far more genuine confidence that matures with experience and results in greater success.

All leaders struggle with confidence at some level. However, they can't avoid the need to become more confident if they are to live up to their leadership potential. InConfident Leader!pastor, author, and leadership expert Dan Reiland shares proven strategies that lead to a transformational process in a person's ability to become a more confident leader. It begins with heart level decisions, moves to character devilment, and concludes with practical leadership disciplines. Together these essentials present a step-by-step plan to greater confidence, increased influence, less uncertainty, and more significant accomplishments.