Walking in the Rain

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Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain

Surviving the Fall

By: William Allen

series:Walking in the Rain #1
audio performed by: Pat Young
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:05/24/2016


Sixteen-year-old Luke was trapped in Chicago when the lights went out and civilization began to unravel. Determined to get home to his family, Luke begins a 1,000-mile odyssey that will show him the depths of human depravity while also giving him a chance at redemption. In an abandoned house in Missouri, Luke makes a discovery that changes the way he acts and feels, as the suffering of another forces him to fight yet again. Luke is already haunted by what he has seen, and he fears what is yet to come as he takes on a partner in his travels. This is not a romance tale or a zombie story or a book about the end of the world. The world will still be here after civilization falls. This is a story about a boy who becomes a man in the most trying of times, and this story is filled with the violence of those lawless times.

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