Officer and the Entrepreneur, The

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Officer and the Entrepreneur, The

Officer and the Entrepreneur, The

By: Dan Slater

series:Exposure collection #4
audio performed by: Neil Shah
genre: True Crime - True Crime
publication date:05/30/2019
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A riveting, heartbreaking account of a football star turned soldier, an entrepreneur turned DEA agent, and the internet trap that changed both of their lives.

After Kevin Corley’s military career came to an ill-fated end, he answered another call of duty, unaware that he was walking into a ruse orchestrated by one of the government’s most enterprising agents. John Leonard was posing online as an underworld figure to entrap those who were predisposed to crime. When he lured Lieutenant Corley into his scheme, he didn’t know how wrong it would go. And Corley had no idea he had so much left to lose.

Dan Slater’s The Officer and the Entrepreneur is part of Exposure, a collection of six incredible and true stories of American double lives from millionaire CEOs and suburban teens to undercover investigators and scam artists—all for whom secrets are a way of life. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single astonished sitting.

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