Graceful Exits

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Graceful Exits

Graceful Exits

How Great Beings Die (Death Stories of Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, and Zen Masters)

By: Sushila Blackman (Editor)

audio performed by: Fred Stella, Steven Menasche, Neil Shah, Emily Zeller, Dawn Harvey
genre: Mind/Body/Spirit - Body, Mind & Spirit
publication date:05/12/2015
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Death is a subject obscured by fear and denial. When we do think of dying, we are more often concerned with how to avoid the pain and suffering that may accompany our death than we are with really confronting the meaning of death and how to approach it. Sushila Blackman places death—and life—in a truer perspective, by telling us of others who have left this world with dignity.

Graceful Exits offers valuable guidance in the form of 108 stories recounting the ways in which Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, and Zen masters, both ancient and modern, have confronted their own deaths. By directly presenting the grace, clarity, and even humor with which great spiritual teachers have met the end of their days, Blackman provides inspiration and nourishment to anyone truly concerned with the fundamental issues of life and death.