House of the Bears, The

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House of the Bears, The

House of the Bears, The

By: John Creasey

series:Dr. Palfrey #8
audio performed by: Stephen Greif
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:07/05/2016


Standing alone in the bleak Yorkshire Moors is Sir Rufus Marne’s House of the Bears. Dr. Palfrey is asked to journey there to examine an invalid—who he finds has disappeared. Moreover, Marne’s daughter lies terribly injured after a fall from the minstrel’s gallery, which Dr. Palfrey discovers was no accident. He sets out to look into both matters, but the discoveries he makes are truly fantastic.

A deserted mine, powerful explosive and a submarine all feature in this powerful mystery. The results are even capable of surprising him...

John Creasey (September 17, 1908—June 9, 1973) was born in Southfields, Surrey, England and died in New Hall, Bodenham, Salisbury Wiltshire, England. He was the seventh of nine children in a working class home. He became an English author of crime thrillers, published in excess of 600 books under 20+ different pseudonyms. He invented many famous characters who would appear in a whole series of novels. Probably the most famous of these is Gideon of Scotland Yard, the basis for the television program Gideon's Way but others include Department Z, Dr. Palfrey, The Toff, Inspector Roger West, and The Baron (which was also made into a television series). In 1962, Creasey won an Edgar Award for Best Novel, from the Mystery Writers of America, for Gideon's Fire, written under the pen name J. J. Marric. And in 1969 he was given the MWA's highest honor, the Grand Master Award.