Earth Magic

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Earth Magic

Earth Magic

By: Cory Panshin, Alexei Panshin

audio performed by: Stephen Bel Davies
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:07/26/2016


In Earth Magic, Alexei and Cory Panshin (Hugo-winning authors of The World Beyond the Hill) create a mysterious world of shifting realities, arcane traditions, and memorable characters.

Haldane, son of the Get warlord Black Morca, must flee for his life through a familiar landscape turned strangely alien, aided by a wizard of uncertain abilities and the hazardous favor of the Goddess Libera. His perilous journey will take him to a final battle amidst the standing stones of power of Stone Heath, where he will discover his true destiny.

An exciting, thought provoking tale by critically acclaimed and award-winning masters of the genre.