Two Million Dollar Intern, The

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Two Million Dollar Intern, The

Two Million Dollar Intern, The

By: David Gauvey Herbert

series:Exposure collection #5
audio performed by: Neil Shah
genre: True Crime - True Crime
publication date:05/30/2019
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He was a cunning Berkeley Law grad who lost his job and hatched a con. Then he got rich and ran fast on an outlandish Adderall-fueled rush of stolen cash, multiple identities, and a euphoric fantasy of success.

A Ponzi scheme was exposed, and a prominent Manhattan hedge fund imploded. Enterprising intern and financial wizard-in-training Gerti Muho saw it as an opportunity. He had insider knowledge and a knack for fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft. His steady supply of speed helped. Muho was on a luxury high. His luck seemed bottomless. Considering what was to come, he’d need it.

David Gauvey Herbert’s The Two Million Dollar Intern is part of Exposure, a collection of six incredible and true stories of American double lives from millionaire CEOs and suburban teens to undercover investigators and scam artists—all for whom secrets are a way of life. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single astonished sitting.

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