Narrow Minds

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Narrow Minds

Narrow Minds

By: Marie Browne

audio performed by: Lucy Scott
genre: Biography - Biography
publication date:07/19/2016
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Normality is so over-rated. Boat life is better. In her debut memoir Narrow Margins, Marie Browne saved her family from financial ruin by moving her long-suffering husband, three children, and a dog on to a houseboat called Happy Go Lucky in search of a less stressful, alternative way of life. Now in Narrow Minds the family find themselves sucked back into normality, they’re pretty much back where they started: horrible house, no boat, and the kids are beginning to threaten mutiny.

Facing perky postmen, ice skating cows, psychotic villagers, and outraged rodents, they’re running out of time, their financial situation is getting desperate, and there’s every chance life has conspired against them to make sure they never get back afloat. Until they find the answer to their dreams lies with Minerva, a narrow boat even more run-down than the first. This hilarious follow-up shows the lengths to which a desperate woman will go just to restore her preferred lifestyle.