Bad Therapist

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Bad Therapist

Bad Therapist

By: Evan Wright

series:Exposure collection #1
audio performed by: Neil Shah
genre: True Crime - True Crime
publication date:05/30/2019
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Inside the biggest scandal in the history of America’s $40 billion drug recovery industry: a predatory Malibu rehab guru—and the fearless female patient who exposed his empire of deceit.

Chris Bathum was a respected therapist, addiction specialist, and founder of one of the fastest-growing rehabilitation chains in America. But Bathum was a total fraud: he was a homicidal meth-head with a history of sexually abusing his patients, scamming insurance companies, and eliminating whistle-blowers. Like Rose Stahl. But this intended victim would be his last. Stahl would risk her life to bring down the monster she and so many other people in need had once trusted for their salvation.

Evan Wright’s Bad Therapist is part of Exposure, a collection of six incredible and true stories of American double lives from millionaire CEOs and suburban teens to undercover investigators and scam artists—all for whom secrets are a way of life. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single astonished sitting.

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