Kierkegaard's World

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Kierkegaard's World

Kierkegaard's World

By: Clare Carlisle

series:How to Believe
audio performed by: Suzanne Toren
genre: Faith Based - Religion
publication date:02/21/2017


To some, Soren Kierkegaard is primarily a philosopher, to others a Christian thinker or theologian. He was also a perceptive psychologist and incisive cultural critic. But above all, Kierkegaard was a writer. Clare Carlisle’s book tackles eight key questions surrounding Kierkegaard’s multi-faceted thinking, exploring above all his view of the world and how we live in it.

The How to Believe series of books explores the teachings, philosophies, and beliefs of major thinkers and religious texts. In a short, easy-to-access format, leading writers present new understandings of these perennially important ideas.