Where the Road Bends

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Where the Road Bends

Where the Road Bends

By: David Rawlings

audio performed by: Simon Bubb
genre: Faith Based - Faith-Based Fiction
publication date:06/02/2020


Fifteen years after their college graduation, four friends reunite, each with their carefully constructed facade. But when they are mystically separated in a sandstorm, they must face what really brought them to this point.

Andy, Bree, Eliza, and Lincoln were inseparable in college. When they graduated, they pledged that when they turned thirty-five, they would reconnect, go on a big adventure, and share stories of their successes. Life has since pulled them in different directions, but now it's time to make good on old promises.

After arriving in central Australia, they are taken to a remote campsite in the rugged and dangerous beauty of Australia's heart. While they enjoy the gorgeous wildlife and beautiful sights, they soon find their reconnection doesn't flare to life like they thought it would, and issues from the college years start to creep back into conversations around the campfire.

After an overnight sandstorm, they find themselves separated and needing to find their way back to their campsite. Lost, hot, and thirsty in the Australian Outback, they are confronted with not only who they are but also where they are in life and how they got there.

And not all of them will make it back.