WayMaker, The

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WayMaker, The

WayMaker, The

A Dare to Hope When There Seems to be No Way


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genre: Faith Based - Spiritual Growth
publication date:09/22/2020
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How do you find a way when there is no way? How do you keep hoping for the life you have always hoped for? Because sometimes, you just need the waters to part—so you don’t lose part of you.

In The WayMaker, New York Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp encourages us to hold on to our hope in the WayMaker who carves paths and opens doors in the most breathtaking, miraculous, sorely-needed ways. Weaving the story of Moses and the Israelites on the road to the Red Sea with her own unlikely story of adopting a little girl from China and a refugee family from Syria, Ann shows how the Red Sea Road is traveled just one step at a time—by dipping our toes into the impossible.

Just as Moses was full of doubt facing the wall of water, Ann questions how she will ever find a way to bring home a baby girl with half a heart. We often fear that the miracles our hearts beat for won’t happen—but grace is the miracle that always happens. When you only see a rising wall of waves, Hope sees a way, finds a way, makes a way.

As the Israelites learned, God sometimes calls us to wait in the wilderness in order to do a deeper work in us. And in the sacrament of waiting, we discover that more than a way through, what we hope for most is a road right into the heart of the WayMaker himself.