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By: Adam Jahnke

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Tribulation is a twisted mystery about an end-of-days religious cult manipulating space and traveling across planes of existence on electricity and radio signals. Cult members willingly accept seven brutal years of torture, known as their “tribulation,” to atone for their earthly sins and come out on the other side saved (or thoroughly brainwashed?). The hero of this thriller, Stacy Carlson, must uncover the mystery of the Tribulation cult after her husband Greg is kidnapped by its leader, Brother Elijah (Josh Charles), through a bizarre AM radio broadcast. Greg's disappearance leads Stacy into this world of zealots, skeptical law enforcement, and a former rock star turned conspiracy radio host, Reid Singer. Stacy and Reid team up to uncover the truth about the otherworldly religious mythology before them. Will Stacy find her husband and bring down the cult? All will be revealed by the end of Tribulation.

Tribulation comes alive with immersive sound design and stellar multi-cast performance.

Note: Tribulation contains adult language and auditory depictions of violence.