Willy's Special

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Willy's Special

Willy's Special


series:SEAL EXtreme Team #5
audio performed by:
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:08/04/2020
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Trapped in her home....

Comms and IT expert Kat Foster has been afraid to go outside since her fiancé robbed her and bailed. Why can't she love a guy who cares enough to stick around? Someone other than sexy, don't-think-about-tomorrow Navy SEAL explosions expert Willy Handly. Willy doesn't stick, he loves and leaves.  

Convince smart girl to join team.... 

Terrorists may have snatched Navy Admiral Collins. Where and why are questions that need answering and fast. Willy believes sexy Kat Foster is the perfect geek girl to join the SEAL EXtreme team to solve the dangerous puzzles. She says they're not compatible. He wants to prove her wrong.  

Escape the deadly traps.... 

Crawling through Saudi caves, the team locates the terrorists, and the mission goes deadly wrong. Stuck in his own explosive trap, Willy won't get out alive unless he trusts what he's never acknowledged - his feelings. Willy has never had any reason to live for tomorrow...until Kat wants to rescue him.