One Winter's Day

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One Winter's Day

One Winter's Day

By: Laura Briggs

audio performed by: Dev Joshi
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:01/19/2021
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Twenty-eight-year-old baker Ama has always followed the rules. Life is like a cake recipe - you just have to do the right things in the right order. Or so she believes.... 

But as Ama stocks up on cinnamon for her Christmas orders, she meets tall, dark, handsome mechanic Luke, who sets her pulse racing. Who takes her out for a ride on his motorbike and who is the first person who's ever seen the gleam in her eye that reveals the adventurous heart she's been trying to hide.

Ama knows she and Luke can never work though. He's too wild and impulsive for her orderly life. And he's her strictly traditional parents' absolute worst nightmare. She needs someone calm and sensible who shares their old-fashioned values.

As snow begins to fall, Ama tries her best to put Luke out of her mind and concentrate on gingerbread and spiced muffins. But her latest commission, a towering cake for a winter wedding, just reminds her she's lonely.

Ama doesn't want to let her parents down, and she has never broken the rules before. But does her family know best? Or should she trust her heart?

The perfect feel-good winter romance for fans of Debbie Macomber, Mary Kay Andrews and Jenny Hale.