Trial, Error, and Success

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Trial, Error, and Success

Trial, Error, and Success

10 Insights into Realistic Knowledge, Thinking, and Emotional Intelligence


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genre: Business - Business
publication date:04/08/2021


Everything in nature evolves by trial and error. We cannot avoid this fundamental method of natural evolution, but our human advantage is that we can think about and learn from the errors before trying again.

Trial, Error, and Success helps boost that advantage with 10 insights into realistic knowledge, thinking, and emotional intelligence

The authors use real-life examples to show how successful thinking avoids overgeneralization traps-the key trick is to focus on the differences between a new circumstance and existing knowledge. You'll discover:

  • How the right thinking about a new circumstance creates new knowledge by alternating sharp analyses and broad analogies.
  • How to use this knowledge to grasp both the risks and the benefits of the new circumstance and to make the best decisions.
  • How to reduce personal risk and maximize benefits by collective applications of the trial-and-error method.

It becomes obvious why machine learning and automatic actions cannot replace human intelligence and decision making!