Simplexity [Amazon Original Stories]

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Simplexity [Amazon Original Stories]

Simplexity [Amazon Original Stories]


series:Currency #1
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genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:02/25/2021
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A twenty-eight-year-old entry-level worker at a design firm navigates the microaggressive corporate landscape in a quick and delicious satire by Kiley Reid, the New York Times bestselling author of Such a Fun Age.

Yumi Parr is the new project coordinator of a Manhattan design agency. Set apart from her coworkers by their race, salaries, alma maters, perfect teeth, and waistbands, Yumi bears their grunt work. After one microaggression too many, she decides to implement a change. Either senior white employees with their mouthfuls of wokespeak will comply or Yumi will learn a difficult lesson about the realities of modern business culture.

Kiley Reid’s Simplexity is part of Currency, a compounding collection of stories about wealth, class, competition, and collapse. If time is money, deposit here with interest. Read or listen in a single sitting.

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