She's on Air

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She's on Air

She's on Air


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genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:05/11/2021
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Inspired by real-life experiences, She's on Air tells the story of two best friends just out of grad school trying to make it in television news.

Emma Lowe and Isabella Speranza are both ambitious, talented, and more than a little bit anxious about working in TV, but they go about their career paths in totally different ways. Emma, the scrappy blonde who wants to be on air, follows her journalism professor's advice and leaves New York for a job at a small-town station in Mississippi. Isabella, the privileged dark-haired daughter of a telenovela actress, opts to work her way up the ladder behind the scenes at National News Network in Manhattan. As the two rise up the ranks, they clash professionally and romantically and run up against some #MeToo obstacles on their way to (possible) TV superstardom.