Winter of Spies, A

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Winter of Spies, A

Winter of Spies, A

Ireland’s War of Independence: when the truth can get you killed


series:The Conway Family #2
audio performed by:
genre: Fiction - Historical Fiction
publication date:07/15/2021


A Winter of Spies is a sequel to The Guns of Easter, which has been praised as 'a fine adventure, with some realistic, genuinely heart tugging twists', from the award-winning author, Gerard Whelan.

In the winter of 1920 the War of Independence is raging and Dublin is a place of terror. But eleven-year-old Sarah is afraid of nothing – British soldiers, checkpoints, even the dreaded Black and Tans. She wants to be ‘a rebel for Ireland’. Then she discovers that there is a secret, deadly war going on behind closed doors. This is a war of spies and counter-spies, of whispers and assassinations, all under the watchful eye of Michael Collins.

And Sarah’s family are up to their necks in it all ... now she too knows things that could cost her her life.

'Excellent, a good story related straight as good stories deserve, enjoyable at any age.'
Books Ireland

'The picture of a city and a period characterised by duplicity and deception is excellently portrayed, as is Sarah herself, a remarkable feisty creation.'
The Irish Times

'Thrilling ... adventures set against a completely realised period city and Sarah is a terrific heroine.'
RTE Guide