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series:Lyrebird Lake #2
audio performed by:
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:07/15/2021
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The Midwives of Lyrebird Lake – where every day brings a miracle.

Misty saved the life of Dr Ben Moore but that brief wonderful connection was just a memory. Misty the midwife shuts out her daydreams and sets off for a new life in Lyrebird Lake, where she meets the new locum ... and looks into Ben’s sea blue eyes!

Ben moved to Lyrebird Lake for a chance to start again. But he wasn’t doing well in the single parent role. Can Misty and Ben find the connection that saved his life once? Is Misty is the perfect person to make Ben’s family complete?

And then there’s the magical myth of the lyrebirds...

'McArthur ... has great skill in storytelling.'
Sydney Morning Herald