Love We Left Behind, The

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Love We Left Behind, The

Love We Left Behind, The


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genre: Women's Fiction - Womens Fiction
publication date:08/01/2021


A heartbreaking, heartwarming story of two best friends—and the choices that could tear them apart.

London, 2012. With her adoring fiancé, financial independence and a close-knit group of friends, Erika should have life all figured out—but she can’t shake the feeling that there’s something missing. And when she stumbles upon a reminder of her past one day, she’s confronted with a part of her life she’s spent almost twenty years trying to forget.

1995. Smart, tenacious Niamh is in her second year at Oxford University. Unlike her best friend Erika, she’s shy and feels like she doesn’t belong, so she’s happy to let Erika take the lead in their friendship. But everything changes when she meets Leo and feels the uplifting power of love for the first time.

As Erika’s story takes us back into the past, Niamh’s brings us forward towards the present, until the two meet one fateful summer’s night that will change the path of their friendship forever.