Practically Divine

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Practically Divine

Practically Divine


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genre: Mind/Body/Spirit - Body, Mind & Spirit
publication date:09/14/2021


If we seek them, signs of God's love for us abound--on a walk in the woods, in a church or temple, or in a dusty refugee camp. And when we see, taste, and smell the divine during extraordinarily ordinary days, these become sacred breadcrumbs that mark our paths to experiencing this love.

We can all learn to live a life that's practically divine by

  • Redefining old lies and stories, to learn from the past and move forward
  • Appreciating the divine gifts that come from imperfections and traumas
  • Using creativity to reconnect to our divinity and to others
  • Accepting the divine chaos of the unknown before us
  • Sharing in a feast of love, knowing there's always enough mercy and forgiveness to go around

Embracing the practically divine compels us to do something, anything, to share in the feast of love together. But we must start somewhere. And when we do--as Becca Stevens has seen from her own journey as a social justice entrepreneur--the results are both instant and exponential.