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Off Menu

The Secret Science of Food and Dining


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genre: Political/Social - Social Science
publication date:07/27/2021
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Off Menu is a charming, fun-fact-filled deep dive into the little-known science of food and dining: why we eat what we eat, the nuances of our experience of taste and flavor, and the tiny, easy hacks and tweaks that, when mastered, can make a huge difference in our diets, meals, and relationships with food and drink. 

Have you ever noticed that a café's coffee tastes better in a mug than it does in a to-go cup? Or that hearing the sound of a cocktail being prepared - the sloshing of the liquid in the shaker, the clink of the ice as it's stirred - makes you enjoy it even more? In Off Menu, journalist Nell McShane Wulfhart explores the facets of food science that you've probably never thought about - lighting, background music, the brain's reaction to the ping of a microwave - but have nonetheless played a role in how you've experienced a meal, a drink, or an entire night out. 

This lively, accessible audio project distills cutting-edge research into lessons on everything from what quick fixes can cover up your mistakes in the kitchen to what meal to serve when you're planning to break up with someone. It's the perfect listen to devour as you're strolling through the farmer's market, washing the dishes, or planning your next dinner party.