Feuds and Reckless Fury

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Feuds and Reckless Fury

Feuds and Reckless Fury


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genre: Fiction - Fiction/Gay Fiction
publication date:08/03/2021
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From USA Today best-selling author K Webster comes an angsty and emotional enemies-to-lovers gay romance stand-alone!

The hatred began when my father proposed to another man in a shocking moment that rocked my family to its core….

Now I'm on a quest for revenge against my father.

That means hitting him where it hurts - the new fiancé and the son he thinks so much of.

Alister Sommers.

Alis is a bleached-blond perfectionist thorn in my side, who's used to everything going his way. Grades, money, track - he dominates it all despite his short, insignificant frame.

Was one dad not good enough that Alis had to take mine, too?

Soon, we'll be stepbrothers.

Until then, I vow to make his life a living hell.

Maybe Dad will regret his terrible mistakes.

Maybe he won't.

I know I won't regret wrecking their lives like they did mine.

I'll give up everything, even my girlfriend and football, if it means I get a chance for retribution.

It's reckless and risky, but I don't have much to lose.

The havoc I wreak might ease some of the pain Dad caused my mother.

I'm willing to give it a shot.

What starts as a family feud will become a war…one I plan on winning no matter the cost.

There's only one small problem.

I may have underestimated my opponent.