Pussy Trap 5, The

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Pussy Trap 5, The

Pussy Trap 5, The

Family ain't Family. Bood ain't Blood.


series:The Pussy Trap
audio performed by:
genre: Romance - Erotica
publication date:08/03/2021
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The question is asked can love exist when everything that was supposed to be pure turns into shit?

Forbidden territory is breached when the sexy allure of money and power slips into the hearts of so-called loyal men forcing the birth of murder-stained hands and evil intentions. The bond that was built with laws set firmly in place, that no man was supposed to cross, falls a part when infiltration and treason began to rest in every seat at the table, and each man quickly finds out, Family ain't family, and Blood ain't blood.

The Pussy Trap 5 is the end of a journey which will confirm the truth of the statement, “Pussy is the only thing that gives life, and takes it.” - NeNe Capri.

Please NOTE: This book contains graphic content including sex and crime. Parental Guidance is suggested. 18+