On Purpose

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On Purpose

On Purpose

The Busy Woman's Guide to an Extraordinary Life of Meaning and Success

By: Tanya Dalton

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genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:10/12/2021


Nationally recognized productivity expert and bestselling author Tanya Dalton delivers a hard-hitting message that will motivate women to step into their purpose, invest in themselves, and boldly make their mark on the world.

As a sought-after growth strategist, Tanya Dalton has discovered that when it comes to investing in themselves, women struggle. They don't fully trust themselves because they are constrained by limiting beliefs and self-doubts. In her new book, Dalton debunks the lies that hold women back and replaces them with truths that move them forward, all while delivering cutting-edge research and proven methods that help women step into their purpose and make the unique impact each of us is designed to make.

Through innovative exercises, Dalton shows women how to discover:

  • why they made certain choices in the past;
  • what options are within their reach;
  • how to move forward with confidence; and
  • what to do when "what if" arises in the forms of unexpected opportunities and detours.

Only by intentionally focusing on daily steps that lead to their full potential can women begin to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Just as with her prior book, The Joy of Missing Out, this book includes generous charts and infographics to underscore the book's inspiring message as well as reflective questions and relatable anecdotes to empower women to become the changemakers they truly can be.