Courage to be Happy, The

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Courage to be Happy, The

Courage to be Happy, The

A New Approach to Well-Being in Everyday Life

By: Colm O'Connor

audio performed by: Aidan Kelly
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:10/15/2021


Presenting the 'why', 'what' and 'how' of happiness, Colm O'Connor will inspire you to take your emotional well-being seriously and show you how to build essential happiness-enhancing disciplines into everyday life.

We live in an age in which unhappiness, depression, stress and anxiety are everywhere. We struggle with things like bad relationships, work pressure, low self-esteem, worry and helplessness. The list is endless, because everyone is unhappy for different reasons.

Whatever the causes of your unhappiness, this audiobook will lay out a way of looking at yourself that can transform your psychology and behaviour.

In showing how we need to 'do happiness' rather than how to 'get happiness' you will discover a way to help awaken your innate happiness and well-being in a deeply human and practical way.

Inside you will find a list of the 21 things that are essential for happiness, the 15 principles of happiness and a method that is easy to integrate with daily routines.